Evolution of Tg in lithium-based glass under pressure

LiFePO4 is an important base material for generation of new batteries. One of the important developments is its use in the form of a solid glass, which allows an increase in the electrical conductivity after the high-pressure process. Such a treatment allows full control of the vitrification and nanocrystallization processes as well. This report shows the basic reference for the pressure dependence of the glass transition temperature. The unique behavior has been proven with a maximum of Tg (P) already at moderate pressures. The protocol for depicting the resulting evolution is as follows: it enables a reliable extrapolation beyond the experimental domain. The importance of the presented results for the general topic of glass transition physics is also remarkable due to the scant evidence of the existence of systems with clearly inverted vitrification under compression.

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Pressure dependence of the glass temperature in LiFePO4. The dashed curve is related to eq 1. The curve has the following parameters: π = −6.2 GPa, b = 0.12, c = −0.83 GPa. An arbitrary reference temperature and pressure along the vitrification curve can be substituted, including Tg0 = 754 K and Pg0 = 0.001 GPa. The error bars for Tg are also shown.


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